Taught in an informal atmosphere, this course is designed to improve students’ oral and written skills in the English language.

It responds to the perceived needs of the students that attend as well as a needs analysis conducted with the students at the start of the course. For this particular group, as well as the intermediate group in 2018, classes are designed around current affairs, social issues and citizenship. Dealing with social issues and citizenship have made the classes engaging, lively and meaningful. Although the majority of the students are from Luxembourg, there are others who come from Syria and Iraq and this has served to transform the classes into a platform for intercultural dialogue and understanding as well as a space for learning the English language. 

Classes normally follow a traditional PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) structure and include a warm-up activity which is fun and doesn’t include language correction in order to relax the students. Target language may then be pre-taught to aid understanding of the text, listening or film that will be presented and this will then be followed by comprehension questions in various formats to ensure they have understood the material. Finally, a free production will be carried out by the students which could take the form of a conversation, debate, poster or letter.. Homework is always given!

The classes aim to give the students as much opportunity to speak as possible about subjects that pertain to daily life, their community and the world at large. At the end of the class, the hope is that students leave with new ideas, feeling inspired, having shared with others, and all through the medium of English!