The British-Luxembourg-Society ASBL was founded in 1947 to foster good relations between Britain (and the British Empire) and Luxembourg. Among its activities since then has been hosting an annual Winston Churchill Lecture with speakers including Margaret Thatcher (when in office), Neil Kinnock, Chris Patton, George Robertson, and Lord Hurd. More recently the Society had become less active and in fact was on the point of being wound up when a group of us intervened to form a new Council and to revive the Society.
Given the approach of Brexit we feel it crucial to reinforce the strong bonds of friendship which have existed between Britain and Luxembourg. In this we have received the active support of the British Embassy and we are very grateful to the Ambassador HE John Marshall for this. We have updated the Statutes of the Society which had remained unaltered since 1947 and now plan to expand our range of activities and to recruit new members
The Society continues its education programme, teaching English Language and Literature, and hopes to develop a series of social and cultural events to appeal to both British and Luxembourg members as well as nationals from other countries who have an interest in British culture. We are particulary keen to promote the work of British cultural societies in Luxembourg and to foster relations with our sister society in London, “The Luxembourg Society”, founded in 1942. 
A new Council was appointed on 18 March 2019:
ALS Claudine

ATKINSON Chris (Vice-President)

BENJAMIN Louise (Vice-President)

BIRDEN Patrick

CLARK David (President)

KENT Ian (Treasurer)



SPENCE Jacqueline

WIETOR Andrée (Secretary)

We are keen to encourage new membership of the Society and to attract more volunteers to serve on the Council or to assist with our activities. Should you be interested in any of these roles, please contact any members of the Council or write an e-mail to: membership(at)b-l-s(dot)lu.

For further information please contact:

David Clark, President, president(at)b-l-s(dot)lu    

Andrée Wietor, Secretary, secretary(at)b-l-s(dot)lu 


BLS Articles of Association

The British Luxembourg Society works closely with the Luxembourg Society UK who have shared ambitions to promote closer relations and friendship between Britain and the Grand Duchy.